About Amy-Rose King



1.  I have two amazing children (7 year old girl- Natalie, and 4 year old boy- Noah), one wonderful husband (Nathan), two cats (one obese, one anorexic), and two African dwarf frogs (though they belong to Natalie they live in my house).

2. I don’t think it really needs to be said but just in case… I am passionate about photography! I strive to follow God wherever He is leading me on this wonderful journey and I give him all the credit for everything so far. He is so good to me and I am incredibly blessed to be able to follow my dream. Photography makes me feel alive.

3.  I am almost a completely visual person. Let’s face it… I am basically retarded in the auditory department according to some scientists (I just made that part up but it is true on some days especially if you ask my husband). I am definitely not musically gifted and I have to seriously focus on conversations to make sure I pay attention. I frequently get giddy about visual delights … just about anything aesthetically pleasing that might catch my attention and lead me into silent bouts of inspiration.

4.  I don’t wear a watch but I hate to be late… despite the fact that we are for church almost every Sunday.

5.  I love anything warm- blankets, chai tea, cookies, fresh laundry, my babies, space heaters,  scootchin next to my hubby on cold nights, fireplaces, summer, jammies (especially with small children in them), oh- I almost forgot… sunshine!

6.  I would love to get a tattoo but I have never been able to make up my mind about what to get.

7.   I love to vacuum and clean. It makes me feel good.

8.  I am a night person. I dislike getting up early to take my sweet Natalie to school every morning. It is painful for me.  Very.

9.  I love to read, watch movies and take naps (sorry… I cheated by wrapping three into one). I love to read because it is like going to school and learning whenever I want. I do appreciate good fiction, but I love photography books.

10.  I actually don’t like when people call me ‘Amy’ (I prefer Amy-Rose). There is only one person that I never mind when he calls me ‘Amy’ and that is my brother. Somehow it has never bothered me… but I think the world of him so he can get away with a lot.