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My little Cow-girl

We drove to Amarillo today to visit my brother, Jay, for his birthday. My brother is one of the most wonderful people in the whole world. We grew up in the country and I had the best childhood growing up with him. He came up with great games like ‘hide behind the tree and i’ll try to shoot you with a BB gun’. I lost (…I was going through a chubby stage, and the tree wasn’t very big, and he was a very good shot). But I love him and definitely forgave him.

We enjoyed a picnic on his ranch and let Natalie (and the dog) run wild.  In case you are wondering… it is an strange coincidence that everyone happens to be color coordinated.

There was an old cattle squeeze chute that Natalie enjoyed playing with over and over. Here is how it went. . .

Yes, Noah, one day you will do strange things like that too

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